Julie Christoffersen moved to NYC in 2001 from the Mid-West with a Bachelors degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications. She began her career in the hospitality industry as a waitress, and has since worn many hats. Working her way up with jobs in fashion, event production and real estate, Julie is proud to wear her new hat as owner of 2 Dive 4. Together with GM Ish, she has been hands on in developing the space from concept to finish, making their collective dream a reality. Using her experience in event production, she will be incorporating more then just Food & Drink at 2 Dive 4. Art, music and cultural events will be the backbone of the establishment. When not running the restaurant, Julie enjoys discovering new artists, dining out and helping her son grow.


Ismael Tirado
BAR Manager

Born & raised in New York, Ismael Tirado (ISH) has always been enlightened by all the city has to offer. He developed a passion for art, music and culture, preferring neighborhoods like the Lower East Side & Chelsea in addition to his home turf of the South Bronx. As a young adult he became a commercial diver and has worked on many projects including Chelsea Piers, Coney Island, The Williamsburg Bridge and others. A long time resident of Long Island City, he has seen the area grow and develop. With 2 Dive 4, his goal is to create space that will inspire others the same way he has been inspired. When not at the restaurant or in the water, he enjoys spending quality time with his family, eating well, reading comics & skateboarding.



From stints at Jean Georges’ Spice Market, Morimoto New York and Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco… to the many-splendored food experiences of an upbringing in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, Felix is the product of rich and diverse culinary influences.  Nothing was more natural than for him to make 2dive4 home base for innovation.  So he upped the ante on the 2dive4’s aquatic theme with delicious collisions between Mediterranean and Asian flavors… and classic seafood tapas to create a brilliant fusion menu like nothing else in the LIC area.



Born in New York City to Caribbean parents, Luis has always had a strong passion for delicious food and hospitality. From years working within his family’s business, Luis developed an interest in mathematics, and eventually went on to study economics and accounting. As a partner of 2 Dive 4, Luis will work with Julie and the team to achieve customer satisfaction and profitability on a daily basis. In his free time, Luis loves meeting people, trying new restaurants, and spending time with his family and dog.