More than your average social hot spot and eatery. 2 Dive 4 is a tapas-style food and drink establishment that fuses the delicious taste of tapas presented with a modern gastro pub appeal. Inspiration comes on with flavors from around the world similar to the demographic of Queens, NY: Spain, parts of Asia, Puerto Rico, and the Americas. With vegan friendly dishes, seafood, cheese and meats - there’s something for everyone!  

Owners Julie Christoffersen and Ismael Tirado (ISH) of 2 Dive 4 wanted to highlight and showcase influences of Ish’s background as a commercial Diver. Being a diver for over 8 years was part of the inspiration behind the restaurant name: 2 Dive 4.  “It really was a playful play on words referencing the “diver” aspect and also referencing the saying ‘that’s to die for’ as in I have to have it, I can’t live with out it, I want it.” Ish says.

Light fixtures from actual shipyards in India and beautiful custom steel finishes of the bar and windows will make customers feel as though they are in an industrial ship when entering 2 Dive 4. Inspiration with also includes the world of art! “We both love to collect different type of art, from comic book art, street art, graffiti, photography.” Julie says.

Their mixologists serve up specialty drinks like basil infused organic vodka, Aquavit, mizu lemongrass shochu, and Rockey’s Milk Punch or you can indulge in craft beers straight from the tap.  Our bartenders do it all. Chef Felix Castro’s favorite bar bites off the menu are the Kobe beef sliders, which are served with house made garlic balsamic pickles and his very own unique squid ink brioche.  The fish tacos and the fruity guacamole are all home runs in his book and all made from scratch. The guacamole comes with an original blend of house made tarra chips, sweet potato plantain and taro. Chipotle and charred Pineapple’s.   “Our tapas menu gives the customer the freedom to try many different items, family style eating encouraged.” says Castro

“I always enjoyed aspects of the hospitality industry, especially connecting with people so waitressing was a perfect fit at the time. While working in restaurants and bars it sparked my curiosity of exploring food and drink that NYC had to offer” - Julie.

Fan favorites include, such dishes from the kitchen as the L.I.C. Kick and Lemongrass g + t., 2 dive 4 rosé punch and the amazing cara(me)away martini for cocktail fans. More culinary food and kitchen choices include Coquito calamari-coconut crusted in a sweet chilli sauce, Gambas Al Ajillo (shrimp) in garlic chili sauce,  Flaming cauliflower steak fondue (available in vegan), and Kobe sliders on a black brioche bun.  “For beer, go for Estella, and try something new” Julie recommends. The food and beverage magicians there will now also debut their much anticipated weekend brunch menu this fall.

As you can see and read above, The 2 Dive 4 bar and Tapas restaurant showcases delectable choices that makes it a great new spot for all those looking for a great new place to eat and drink here in New York, Queens, Astoria, Green Point, Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Manhattan etc.. Additional plans include showcasing live music, cultural and art exhibitions, movie nights, ladies night and a beautiful pool table upstairs. 2Dive4 is not your “dive bars near me” search result you were expecting in any way when looking for new places on your smart phone. Our pricing will make you feel right at home with where you want spend your happy hours and dinners. After work or out with friends and dates!

Join us soon at 2 Dive for now!